What is classicalsheetmusicgratis.org?

It is a website from which you may download files of free–all files are free–classical sheet music in the public domain that JDH has processed and made duplexable (when possible) at letter-size (8.5 x 11 inches). The music is mostly for violin or viola or cello, alone or in combination with other instruments, especially piano (see also Chamber Music for Strings).   The music includes his personal scans from libraries, his own arrangements, and improvements on music freely available online from IMSLP, etc.  JDH (jdbhowardatgmail.com) is a significant contributor to IMSLP.  The vast majority of these files are public domain everywhere (all are pd in the USA), but it is the user’s responsibility to adhere to the laws of copyright of his/her own country.

NB:  To make it easier to monitor these pages as new pieces are added, new pieces will be added to the top of the lists (although highest on the lists will be the large zipped folders, when present).

For the special benefit of schools and universities is an assemblage of several hundred pieces/works for string orchestra.  ENJOY!

The sheet music on this site is mostly in addition to that found on the 5 cds that JDH presently sells on ebay–4 of them with 4,000-7,000 pages of sheet music each, and all featuring violin and viola–but not string orchestra.  They cost under $10 each. A bio of JDH is here.  See Ebay listings.  GRAND LIST–CONTENTS OF 5 CDS